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Come join the most trusted crypto coin on the market.

Coyote Coin is being coined as the most "transparent" and trusted alt coin to hit the market. When issues arise, we handle them. We stand shoulder to shoulder with our community and are committed to growth that will not just better The Den, but change the way people think about crypto.

We're waiting for you.

Outside of our core team thrives an entire ecosystem of excited Coyotes. Sun up to sun down, our social accounts are popping off with insightful dialogue, dev communications, updates, feedback, and most of all... Support.

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Coyote Brand Specs

The Coyote Coin brand identity and typeface were made entirely by hand by our own talented team. Our brand represents an alpha Coyote moving forward with its head turned back. This is significant for the following reasons:

  • Leadership: Keeping a watchful eye over The Pack
  • Humbleness: Never forgetting where we came from
  • Vigilance: Always aware of our surroundings
  • Vigor: Harnessing good energy and strength

Why Coyote?

We've built a DeFi vehicle that rewards long-term stakers, paying out a portion of the transaction fees to all participants on the network.

No Whale Distortion
Prevent whales from distorting markets

Large token holders or, "whales," can hold and dump coins, causing high levels of liquidity and unfairly handicapping small token holders. We've created a Harpoon Tax which sets caps on daily sells, hold vaults and other mechanisms to reduce volatility and market domination by a small number of token holders

No lopsided liquidity
Eliminate lopsided liquidity pool contribution

A recent audit of many similar-sized coins in our category found that there was inequality in terms of the ability to put coins into the liquidity pools. Certain addresses were favored, or dumping into liquidity pools was devaluing coins. It won't happen with us. Period.

Rewards for holders
Ensure rewards for all holders

In some token models, tokens in the liquidity pool are not considered to be "held" tokens, and therefore are excluded from rewards. This reduces rewards to those participants who are actually creating the most value on the network. With Coyote Coin, all token holders get rewards.

No rug pulls
Eliminate any rug pull risks

Code audits of some tokens discovered that the liquidity pool included a back door where some addresses could drain the liquidity pool. Although this may have initially been implemented as a safety measure, it was easily exploited to empty tokens into developers' wallets by majority vote. We ensure there are no back-door access points to the liquidity pool.

True token burn
True token burn

Burned tokens will be burned fairly and with full transparency. Any burned tokens from transactions won't just go into an untouchable reserve wallet. They are removed from circulation for good.

Transparency and fairness with gas fees

Gas fees for transactions on the network should be shared transparently and according to an agreed-upon split. Transaction fees should be attributed only to the wallet making the transaction. Anomalies in the code of other coins were found to inappropriately allocate funds or charge people for transactions that weren't theirs.

Coyote Tokenomics

Coyote Tokenomics

NFTs? Oh, yeah.

The world of crypto is filled with amazing talent producing NFTs. While we believe that art drives its own value, we want more for you. Coyote has begun production and minting of our first "O.G. Coyote" NFT collection and it's available on OpenSeaa. Owning one of our NFTs gives you exclusive access to other parts of our community and 100% of revenue generated goes back into the coin and community; not the team.

Coyotes Have


Crypto isn't just a form of currency; it's a lifestyle. We have designed an entire line-up of Coyote and crypto swag to continue to build the lifestyle brand we've dreamed of. The best part? It's all produced in-house by our talented team with state-of-the-art equipment.

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A message to The Den

When we needed you most

You stood by our side

The world of crypto is filled with malicious intent and greed and we are committed to facing it and fighting it. We fell on our sword when mistakes were made but we are coming back even stronger for our relaunch...thanks to you.

Community Feedback

The responses above are a FRACTION of what we received. On behalf of the entire Coyote Team, we thank you for your trust and support.

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Questions? Fire away.

Our commitment to humanizing crypto starts with solving problems and answering questions from people like you. The Coyote Coin is jam-packed full of value for our coin holders so if you have questions on our coin, please don't hesitate to reach out.

We thank you for your interest in Coyote Coin and look forward to growing together with you in the near future.

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